Sorry for the silence

23 Feb

Really – it’s me not you…..

I’m a believer (in ETMOOC)

Time after Time I try to connect and comment

But I’m working 9 to 5

Trying to Teach the Children Well

…..but I’d like to give us another chance!

I found a spare hour to catch up on some posts in Google + and watch Alan Levines webcast on Digital Storytelling. He really does weave a good tale….and it was nice to breathe life into his 50 ways wiki which I had previously reviewed.

In fact, although my head has been elsewhere ETMOOC continues to influence. I have drawn on many, many resources gained during the last number of weeks as I was asked to develop a module on elearning for a post grad programme and  I managed to weave in some of the myriad tools that Alan shared.  Thank you ETMOOC for assisting with my preparation. So that’s my excuse for my silence and I promise to try and be a better partner going forward….


6 Words, 2 birds, 1 stone

7 Feb

Hello fellow etmoocers,

This will be short and sweet! Totally enjoying the parts of this module that I am able to engage with – as always time is too short so just dipping in and out. God bless Twitter for keeping me up to date!

I’ve completed at least one of the tasks – 6 word stories via Twitter – and I’m loving how it makes me think, rethink and restructure. It’s probably something I should do with everything I write. My children are also loving this module and Chad Matt & Rob are a great hit with their interactive stories.  What an engaging way to learn! It has me grasping around for a topic that I can use this kind of interaction on. Will try Inkle . Watch this space….

So, now I’m combining my Masters work and ETMOOC work …we are doing a module in Creativity and need to blog about it. So I decided to capture it in a slightly more creative way – the traditional story goes: Module starts, pre-reading (a video by Ken Robinson) assigned, put into groups, an icebreaker tallest tower building competition, discussion & choice of group name, after class ended then sharing of and commenting on resources. So that’s the 4 days worth and here is another view of same: Creativity Module

May be blogging even less as I’ve just been as to deliver a course that starts in one week so will be busy prepping but will still be watching all !

#ETMOOC Lipdub

3 Feb

The #ETMOOC lipdub! A collaborative project spanning continents as we came together to sing (well mime really) Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I appear at 2’26 for my 3 seconds of fame. What fun to see the finished product. Well done to all involved and a great way to get everyone working together.

Looking forward to Digital Storytelling next week 🙂

Magic 8 ball

1 Feb

To me Twitter is a little like a Magic 8 ball….I watch what it advises and act on it! It can point me to useful personal connections, interesting and often cutting edge articles, and even what to watch on the TV! On Tuesday, it told me to check out Dave Cormier’s  Rhizomatic learning session so I obeyed.

I am in the wrong time zone so often miss the original Collaborate sessions but actually find it better to catch up in my own time. A question though to save my netbook being attached to my hip for an hour while I have earphones in and am chasing kids around the house…could the audio be saved out as a podcast? Could be a useful resource in itself… Organic learning, that’s what I got from the session and plenty more, but that one has resonated with me. Some of the ideals mentioned in allowing learning develop is often something I find difficult to recreate in my classroom where my students have learning outcomes to strive towards and I have exam boards to face.

But yesterday, I think I may just have seen the buds of those Rhizomes….I decided to bring my Magic 8 ball into the classroom and let the students embellish the core lecture with their experience, videos, and online articles all delivered via Twitter.  The quality of the lecture grew immeasurably as they tweeted additional resources and I displayed and discussed them on a Twitterwall. In fact I was still responding to their tweets at 10pm that night. A successful day in the classroom and beyond (I’ve storified some of it here). Hopefully these shoots will continue to grow 🙂

On an unrelated note…#ETMOOC has gone beyond inspiring the adults amongst us. My son was fascinated with GoAnimate as he watched me prepare my introduction video. For his school project, he decided that this was the medium he wanted to use. Now, he is not a child that is eager to do homework (!) but each night after I taught him the basics, he sat and worked on his project. So proud of him….here is one of the videos he produced. Thanks Alec et al. If he gets 100% will let you know but the important thing is the ownership and creativity he showed….learning can be catching!

Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout!

26 Jan

Yes, finally, managed to make some time to engage with the #ETMOOC archive after a busy week. 

I’ve reviewed many posts this week of people who attended the webinars and admired the well thought out and thought provoking pieces that I read. My area of interest though tends towards to the practical and technical and I got that this evening thanks to Sue Waters and her Advanced Blogging webinar. Now, I’m inspired to write!!

What did I learn? Pingbacks…who knew? I got a couple of pingbacks last week and was convinced that my blog had been hacked or targetted by ‘bad bots’ in some way!! It was great to have the concept clarified!

Another really useful site mentioned was This is a really useful resource for pictures, searchable and fast!

Creative Commons licences weren touched on and again practical skills shown on how to insert in our blogs and also with pictures used from elsewhere.

On a completely unrelated topic….loved the #lipdub! I was delighted to take part and felt it a great idea to foster the sense of community and working together that the earlier sessions advocated. Can’t wait to see it!

Thanks Sue, Alec, et al….if the idea of a cMOOC is to dip in and take what is interesting and useful to you and share, then this MOOC is a rip roaring success.




24 Jan

From complete immersion to merely dabbling my toes…..with the start of semester next week I feel other pressures and class development pulling time from #ETMOOC. Don’t get me wrong, my enthusiasm is still there, I’m enjoying the Twitter stream and I just completed my line of the #lipdub! I still feel I’m benefitting from expanding my PLN too- how else would I have heard about Vizify?! It’s still a work in progress but I really like the tool! So, I suppose, I’m doing what I should be doing with this MOOC, dipping in and staying involved but its a real pity I can’t give it more time….the more I look, the more there is to learn!

And real life gets in the way…but learning turns to laughing

20 Jan

Every waking minute seemed to be filled with thoughts of ETMOOC earlier this week and then real life descended and I had exam scripts to correct. So I managed to catch the Twitter webinar but missed the blogging one. I see there is one on the calendar for next week so hope to catch up then. What my work on an introduction video this week did result in though was a request for a training session.FROM MY SON (age 11). He so enjoyed watching me use Goanimate to introduce myself that he promptly decided he wanted to use for his school project on Russia. Two quality hours of laughing and learning with my son – the MOOC is already paying dividends…

I suppose I had two real aims in starting the MOOC – with limited time due to working and studying for a Masters, I was looking for good content and good contacts. Even if I now just dip in and out of particular topics I feel ETMOOC will serve these aims and with my better understanding of the cMOOC, I won’t feel the pressure to join in with everything and still know it’s OK! It’s just that real life sometimes gets in the way of total immersion….but that’s ok….